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Welcome to Natural Body Remedies
If you are suffering from itchy skin, itchy scalp or even anal itch, we offer you instant relief! The natural and gentle ingredients in our anti-itch products absorb to the irritated nerve endings and penetrate deeply into pores targeting your itch to give you relief from minor irritating itch to more severe chronic itching.
We guarantee it will relieve the symptoms of your itch or we will refund your money! 
You will also enjoy the fine qualities of our other exclusive natural body care products that will keep you feeling refreshed all day long. Try some today!
Your Itch Remedy is simply amazing. I have had itching off and on for 2 years. My main problem was the interrupted sleep. I spray it on and immediately the itch is gone. I am orderring some more, and also some moisturizing cream.
R. F.
Feature Products
Assuage Perennial
Assuage perennial anti-itch spray brings fast, long-lasting relief for anal itching, and it aids in protecting irritated anorectal areas.
Price: $13.95
Natural Crystal Deodorant
Le Crystal Natural roll-on deodorant is made with natural mineral salts and is exceptionally effective at eliminating body odor.
Price: $5.48
Pure Shampoo
Free of sodium lauryl sulfate which can be the biggest culprits in itchy skin. Triple concentrated for a rich lather and contains natural hair conditioners.
Price: $6.98
Natural Itch Remedy
Our natural anti-itch formula brings instant relief from itchy skin for the entire body. Contains no steriods, antihistamines or anesthetics.
Price: $14.95
Natural Lemongrass Soap
Natural Lemongrass soap, with its natural odor fighting properties, helps keep you feeling fresh all day. Its natural citrus aroma has made this soap an instant success.
Price: $4.98
Pure Natural Lotion
Fresh scent that is scented and enhanced with an exclusive blend of pure therapeutic-grade Essential Oils that offers an embracing aromatherapy experience.
Price: $6.68
Fresh Aloe Soap
Our Fresh Aloe Soap is specially formulated to help heal the skin from the effects of daily sun exposure.
Price: $4.98
Pure Soap
Free yourself from harsh detergents, toxic antibacterial agents and chemical residue.
Price: $2.98
Enjoy natural itch relief
with Natural Itch Remedy
Stop Itchy Skin! Our Natural Itch Remedy brings instant relief. Guaranteed to relieve the itchy symptoms or we will refund your money.

The natural ingredients in our formulas sooth irritated nerve endings at the root of your itch. Our gentle ingredients penetrate deeply into parched pores to relieve the symptoms of the itch allowing skin to heal itself. Since scratching can damage skin, customers who use our products often find that the causes of the itch subside as their skin restores itself to its former healthy condition.

Spray it on and the itch is gone
One secret to our itch remedy's success is that our natural itch-fighting ingredients are delivered to the source of the itching in a solution of pure water - not in oils or creams. Your thirsty pores soak in the water and our natural ingredients do the rest. Greasy lotions and creams can actually clog skin pores and insulate the skin from healing agents. We believe our remedy is the purest, least toxic and most effective itch remedy you will find anywhere. We guarantee you will be delighted.
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Orders usually leave our warehouse within 48 hours (Monday through Friday). We promise to provide genuine customer service - if you're not happy, we're not happy. Our company proudly maintains a rating of "A" with the Better Business Bureau. Our customers also enjoy the security of ordering by credit card or PayPal account using PayPal's credit card processing service (a PayPal account is not required).
Necessity is the mother of
Our founder suffered with chronic itchy skin for most his life. His doctor diagnosed his problem as Pruritus and advised him to use a hydrocortisone cream. But hydrocortisone and antihistamine creams are not made for use on large areas of the body or for extended periods of time. He tried all the creams, oils, lotions and potions on the market and nothing worked. Finally, he set out to find his own remedy. Necessity really is the mother of invention. After years of research and experimentation, in the early 1990s he discovered the right mixture of all-natural ingredients - a revolutionary new treatment for dry itchy skin. The remedy dried quickly without leaving an oily residue and left no smelly medicine odor.